Top 3 Reasons to Attend WED Talk

We spoke with Jennifer Ball of Knot Your Average Events who will be presenting about the guest experience at WED Talk on March 6, 2021.

Why do you love planning?

We have traveled all over the globe and we love doing everything weddings and events. Of course if it has something to do with the Caribbean, you had me at hello!

What makes you unique?

A little bit of background with me as I am one of 52 Master Wedding Planners in the world. I come to you accredited. I come multi-certified and I love doing design and helping create that magic for your wedding day and your honeymoon too.

Why WED Talk?

It gives couples a chance to meet with vendors that they haven't had the opportunity to meet so far. Being a vendor you're putting us together, you're connecting the puzzle pieces from the vendors and those people that are trying to plan this amazing day. Whether it’s going to be the two of them eloping, whether it's to be someone planning a destination wedding down in the Caribbean or somewhere else in the world, or doing something in their own backyard or here in North Carolina. We have so many vendors they're so excited to meet with you and speak with you and give you some incredible tips, tricks and I'm pretty sure they’ll have some special offers too.